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Michele L Bailey

           Eclectic art,

               inspired by Nature.

     I seek to express the magical wonder and deep sense of connection I see and feel in nature.  The rhythm of ocean waves, the glow of the full moon, reflections on a pond…   these themes I paint in an abstract or impressionistic style, depending on the particular subject.  Cats also find their way into my paintings.  (They are magical creatures, after all.  And I have willing models at hand.)  And then there are times when I just want to explore the expressiveness of color and texture, creating abstract paintings. 

     The brilliance of the pigments and the interplay of color possible with pastel hooked me from the start. The dynamic flow of watercolor fascinates me. Recently I’ve been layering pastel over watercolor, I like the vibrant effect of the watercolor showing through.  I’ve also been having fun custom-texturizing the supports myself, as I like the extra texture and there’s really no other way to get it.  I’m painting in oils too; the lusciousness of the paint is like no other medium.   Currently I work in pastel, watercolor/gouache, and oil as I strive to share my delight and deep appreciation for our amazing world. 

Sincerely, Michele


"Green Wave," oil on stretched canvas, 12" x 36"

(C)  All work shown is original art created by me, and is protectd by copyright.  All rights reserved.